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China Congregational Church


Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 


The Church Body of the China Congregational Church in Hong Kong

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Project Description

The China Congregational Church was built in 1901 at the intersection of Leighton Road and Pennington Street, Causeway Bay. This project involved the redevelopment of the China Congregational Church, which has a total construction floor area of 9,987 square metres. The redevelopment started in May 2009 and was finally completed in October 2012. The church is a 24-storey high building that is triangular in shape, featuring a fellowship hall, church hall accommodating a sitting capacity of 379 people, chapel accommodating a sitting capacity of 272 people, recital theatre accommodating a sitting capacity of 164 people, multi-purpose sport hall, grand function room, choir rehearsal rooms, sky garden, parsonage floor and 14 floors of office space. The church is an oasis in the concrete jungle of Causeway Bay.