About Us



Who We Are

Beria Consultants Limited (Beria) is an independent consultancy firm which provides services with added value to projects in the construction and related industries in Greater China and Asia Pacific Region, through our professional services which are broadly classified under:

  • Quantity Surveying, Cost Engineering, Contract Management and Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Support Services for auditing, insurance, taxation, asset appraisal, asset management, property and facility management, mediation, arbitration and litigation.
What We Do

In today’s complex construction industry, a client needs to procure a professional service provider in order to effectively and efficiently realize his plan for his business needs and objectives.

Our Project Management services manage the whole process of the project cycle for you, from the earliest stage of inception and establishing your business needs, through the design and construction stages to completion and the final close-out. This includes engaging and managing the various disciplines and specialists in planning, costing, designing, procuring, constructing, supervising and commissioning the project.

Our Quantity Surveying, Cost Engineering & Contract Management services focus on the cost and contractual aspects of the whole process whilst our Procurement services focus on strategic purchasing, vulnerability management, negotiations and commercial relationships.

How We Do It - Our Competitive Edge
  • We are an energetic firm providing our clients with dedicated personalised services giving attention to details. All staff members are individually accountable for their assignments without the hierarchical line of reporting found in other consultancy practices.
  • We provide cost-effective services with commitment to quality, accuracy and timeliness. A Quality Management System which fulfills the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 is in place for implemenation on all projects.
  • Our strategic purchasing and commercial skills enable us to approach projects on a broader and holistic basis, thus giving a higher level of performance and exerting a much more effective impact on projects as compared to the traditional quantity surveying role.
  • Our strategic alliance with a number of property and construction consultancy practices in the Asia Pacific Region provides us with a comprehensive network for undertaking projects size in the region.
Why Appoint Us - Added Value

The benefits which you derive from our services are:

  • True business needs, objectives and targets identified and met
  • Maximisation of value derived from the supply market
  • Projects delivered on time, at the lowest sustainable cost and to the required quality
  • Effective and efficient utilization of assets, facilities and resources
  • Protection of your interests from risks, claims and budget over-runs
  • Integrity, transparency and accountability in business processes and transactions

Repeat business from a blue chip company listed on the Hong Kong stock market testifies to the value we offer in our services.